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A fireman’s account of the bombings…

Alan Stuart Hill was driving one of the fire engines that conducted the rescue operations at the ‘Tavern in town’. In an interview with me, he recollects the events of the night, that he will never be able to forget.


Birmingham pub bombings: “Biggest stain on Birmingham’s history”, says Julie Hambleton

Julie Hambleton who started ‘Justice for the 21’ campaign, has launched an e-petition to implement a fresh inquiry into the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings.  In a detailed interview, Julie who lost her sister Maxine Hambleton, in the bombings, recounts her fight for justice.


Right to justice prominent in Birmingham pub bombings case, says Mashuq Ally

It has been almost 22 years since the release of Birmingham Six.  They were freed in 1991, after the Courts of Appeal quashed their convictions for the Birmingham pub bombings. This is still seen as one of the worst miscarriages of justice ever in Britain. In an interview, Mashuq Ally, Assistant Director for Equalities and Human Resources at Birmingham City Council, explains the importance of closure in this case.


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