Recounting Birmingham’s night of horror…


March 8, 2013 by amoolyarajappa

It was 8:11 pm on 21st November 1974, when Birmingham Mail telephone operator Ian Cropper received a fateful telephone call. It was a call that warned him that there were bombs at the Rotunda and tax office at New street. Mr. Ian Cropper in his interview to Gary Young, for the Birmingham mail, recollected the voice of the man with an Irish accent as “calm, collected and full of hatred’’.

Mr. Cropper made an entry in the logbook and informed the Police, or just followed what had to be routinely done in case of a warning call. Little did he know that the frightful call would forever change the fate of over two hundred people.

The 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings remain the biggest and worst terrorist atrocity on mainland Britain in the 20th century. These explosions killed 21 and injured 182, but until today, there has been no closure to this case.Corruption in Police, political collusion and sheer indifference from British authorities are thought of as some reasons behind the perpetrators’ invincibility from justice.

The fact that the Birmingham Pub bombings case has not seen a closure yet, makes it a very complex and multi-layered issue.However, the overarching question that looms large is- How can nobody be responsible for killing 21 innocent people?


6 thoughts on “Recounting Birmingham’s night of horror…

  1. pupulc2007 says:

    Very well written, it really takes you back to time this happened and paints a vivid picture in your mind of entire incident.

  2. amoolyarajappa says:

    Thank you!

  3. Anthony.bartram says:

    Nicely written and good idea to use your blog as a platform to move the story on. Well done.

  4. sharmada says:

    Well-written! Keep writing!

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